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Dr. Maddika Subba Reddy
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Cell Death & Cell Survival
Dr. Maddika Subba Reddy
Laboratory of Cell Death & Cell Survival (LCDCS)
M. Sc in Biotechnology from University of Hyderabad, India
Ph. D from University of Manitoba, Canada  

Dr. Maddika Subba Reddy completed his postgraduate studies in Biotechnology from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Subsequently, he completed his PhD in the field of Cell Biology at University of Manitoba (Canada) under the guidance of Prof. Marek Los. During his PhD, Reddy was involved in dissecting the molecular mechanisms involved in cell survival and apoptotic signaling in normal and cancer cells. His PhD work particularly focused on Apoptin, a viral derived protein and a cancer cell selective apoptosis inducer, has uncovered an unexpected pro-apoptotic role of PI3-Kinase/Akt cell survival pathway during cell death. He subsequently moved to Yale University, USA for his post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof. Junjie Chen, where he was involved in the identification and characterization of novel functional protein-protein interactions during tumorigenesis. During this period, he identifid several new functional protein complexes involved in cell cycle regulation and tumor development. Currently at CDFD, his lab is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms contributing to the development of human cancers, mainly focused on exploring the role of various post-translational modifications in cell death and cell survival pathways, by utilizing molecular biology, cell biology and proteomics based approaches.

Contact Information
Email: msreddy<at>cdfd.org.in
Phone: +91-40-24749353 / 358
Fax: +91-40-24749448
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