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Dr. H.A.Nagarajaram (On Lien)
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My group’s research interests mainly focus on various aspects of proteins. We perform sequence and structure analyses of individual protein molecules and their mutant forms; we also perform systems level analyses of protein-protein interaction networks to discover fundamental and general principles of these biomolecules and their interactions. We have a special interest on genetically inherited diseases as well as those diseases caused by pathogens. Our strength/expertise include classical Computational biology approaches (such as structure prediction, modeling, conformational analysis and simulations) as well as Bioinformatics analysis and statistical analysis of large biological data sets available on the public domain as well as those generated by our collaborating groups. Needless to mention, the problems we investigate can only be dealt by computational studies, which give rise to testable hypotheses to fuel further experimental as well as computational investigations.

We carryout independent projects as evident in several independent publications from our group and also contribute our expertise in collaborative projects as evident in many collaborative publications. The independent research focuses on three major topics:

  1. Repetitive regions in bacterial and other genomes of interest
  2. Molecular basis of diseases
  3. Biomolecular networks

In addition we have been part of an international collaborative project - New Indigo (Indo-European Project) project entitled “An attractive and promising strategy for early cancer diagnosis through the assembly of the Human Cancer Volatome" supported by a grant from Department of Biotechnology (DBT). This project aims to detect and analyze volatile compounds found from breath, urine and saliva in the patients suffering from breast, colon and lung cancers as against the healthy individuals. In this project we analyze metabolomic data by means of multivariate statistical analysis as well as data mining techniques to discover potential cancer biomarkers.

Please refer this link for accessing HCV Database and Web-Portal

Contact Information
Email: han<at>cdfd.org.in
Phone: +91-40-24749367
Fax: +91-40-24749448
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