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Human Cancer Volatome Project

Cancer may be defined as uncontrolled growth or proliferation of cells in the body. The incidence and mortality rates for most of the common forms of cancer are still unacceptably high. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer in its early stages can often increase the 5-year-survival rate 3-4 fold or curing the disease all together. Currently available diagnostic tests for most cancers are either not suitable for screening or extremely costly or involve invasive procedures (e.g. bronchoscopy, biopsy, etc) that are not without complications. Analysis of Volatile Organic Metabolites (VOMs) consumed or released by cancerous cells is emerging as a new, attractive and non-invasive approach for cancer diagnostics. This approach is highly sensitive, does not require either invasive procedures or intervention of specialised medical staff. Therefore, this diagnostic approach can be easily disseminated through countries where the economic resources and advanced infrastructure are not available.

Our goal is isolation, definition and establishment of different Volatile Metabolomic Signatures from breath, urine and saliva to allow the discrimination between cancer patients from healthy individuals. Our proposed studies could lead to the development of a panel of volatile biomarkers that could be used for an early detection of cancer and for the discrimination between different types of cancer.

This webportal (hcvdb.cdfd.org.in:8080) has been designed with the following purpose.
     a) To give the essential details of the HCV project such as goals, PI's involved, research centers involved, various interim reports, meeting details etc.
     b) To host the HCV database of volatile compounds detected in our studies.
     c) As a one-stop portal for volatome information.