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Dr. Murali Bashyam
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Molecular Oncology
Studying novel nuclear and cytoplasmic functions of ARID1B.

We had earlier used array based comparative genomic hybridization and gene expression microarrays to identify a recurrent deletion in pancreatic cancer harbouring the ARID1B gene; that encodes one of the four alternative DNA-binding components of the human SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex. We have now shown that inactivation of the nuclear localisation signal of ARID1B causes its cytoplasmic sequestration where it exhibits a gain of oncogenic function by activating ERK and Wnt signalling. In a parallel study, we have identified a potential role of ARID1B in nuclear processes including mitosis, enhancer mediated gene activation and alternative splicing. Current efforts are focused to unravel mechanistic basis for these non-canonical roles of ARID1B.

The Yin and Yang of ARID1B (https://doi.org/10.1101/830075)
People involved

Dr Neetu Sharma
Research Associate I

Mr Pradipta Hore

Ms Devaunshi Mudodi

Ms Sumaiya Sabnam

Ms Shaily Mahesh Agrawal

Ms Diya Sarkar

Ms K Padmavathi
Project - SRF
Funding agencies : DBT; DST
Contact Information
Email: bashyam<at>cdfd.org.in

Phone: +91-40-24749383
Fax: +91-40-24749448
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