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Dr. Shweta Tyagi
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Representative Publications:

  • Aamir Ali, Sailaja Naga Veeranki, Akash Chinchole and Shweta Tyagi (2017) MLL/WDR5 complex regulates Kif2A localization to ensure chromosome congression and proper spindle assembly during mitosis. Developmental Cell (in press).

  • Aamir Ali and Shweta Tyagi (2017) Diverse roles of WDR5-RbBP5-ASH2L-DPY30 (WRAD) complex in the functions of the SET1 histone methyltransferase family. J Biosci. 42(1):155-159. Review.

  • Aamir Ali, Sailaja Naga Veeranki and Shweta Tyagi (2014). A SET-domain-independent role of WRAD complex in cell-cycle regulatory function of mixed lineage leukemia. Nucleic Acids Res. 42(12):7611-24.

  • Joelle Michaud, Vivian Praz , Nicole James Faresse , Courtney Jnbaptiste, Shweta Tyagi , Frederic Schutz and Winship Herr ( 2013). HCFC1 is a common component of active human CpG-island promoters and coincides with ZNF143, THAP11, YY1 and GABP transcription factor occupancy. Genome Research 23(6):907-1

  • Zafar Ullah Zargar and Shweta Tyagi (2012). Role of host cell factor-1 in cell cycle regulation. Transcription. 3(4):187-92.

  • Shweta Tyagi, and Winship Herr. (2009) E2F1 mediates DNA damage and apoptosis through HCF-1 and the MLL family of histone methyltransferases. EMBO J. Oct 21; 28(20): 3185-95.

  • Shweta Tyagi, Anna Lena Chabes, Joanna Wysocka and Winship Herr. (2007) E2F activation of S phase promoters via association with HCF-1 and the MLL family of histone H3K4 methyltransferases. Molecular Cell. 27(1): 107-19.

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