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Dr. Harinarayanan
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Dr. Harinarayanan

Group Leader

M.Sc., Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University.
Ph.D., Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (2003)

After post graduation in Biotechnology Dr. R Harinarayanan joined the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad for Ph.D. He worked in the area of bacterial physiology with the model organism Escherichia coli under the guidance of Dr. J. Gowrishankar. Using primarily a genetic approach his work highlighted a new function for transcription termination factors Rho and NusG. This involves the ability of these proteins to preclude the formation of DNA-RNA hybrid structures called the R-Loops. After his Ph.D. (2003) he joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael Cashel at the National Institutes of Health where with the aid of a synthetic-lethal genetic screen the physiological roles of the regulatory nucleotide analogues (p)ppGpp and a functionally associated protein factor DksA was interrogated. This led to the identification of (p)ppGpp-mediated transcriptional regulation of Transketolse B and brings an important enzyme of the central carbon metabolism within the gamut of the (p)ppGpp regulon. He joined CDFD in November 2008 as Scientist .C and Group Head in the Center of Excellence project on bacterial physiology and is part of the Laboratory of Bacterial Genetics. .

Current Research Interest

  • Physiological role of stringent response factors (p)ppGpp / DksA in E.coli.
  • Role of transketolases in the physiology of E.coli.

  • Contact Information
    Email: hari<at>cdfd.org.in
    Phone: +91-40-27216126
    Fax: +91-40- 27216006
    Mobile: +91-9000290275
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