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Dr. Rohit Joshi
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Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Lab Members
Name  Designation E-mail Phone
Dr. Rohit Joshi Staff Scientist VI rohit<at>cdfd.org.in 27216156
Mr. Chandra Shekhar Singh Technical Assistant (On Contract) chandra<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Ms. Yamini Rawal Research Scholar / CSIR-SRF 27216157
Ms. Punam Bala Research Scholar / DST - INSPIRE - SRF punambala<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Mr. Jiban Barman ResearchScholar/UGC-SRF jbarman<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Ms. Savita ResearchScholar/UGC-JRF savitak<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Ms. Vandana Chaurasia Research Scholar/ UGC-JRF vandana<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Mr. Mani Kandan G Research Scholar/ UGC-JRF manikandang<at>cdfd.org.in 27216157
Ms. Ravalika Silveri Project Associate 27216157
Ms. Prakeerthi A Project Associate 27216157
Ms. Eshita Paul Joint Postdoc with LCS. 27216157
Contact Information
Email: rohit<at>cdfd.org.in
Phone: (W) +91-40-27216156
Fax: +91-40-27216006

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