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Computational Biology
Project : Computational Studies on Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Harbouring Disease causing Missense Mutations

People Involved

Mr. Suryanarayana Seera
Senior Research Fellow

The research mainly focuses on human protein-protein interaction networks (PPINs) and the role of conformational variability of intrinsically disordered proteins(IDPs) as hubs in rendering multiple interactions. A considerable part of this work will be devoted to explore the conformational space of IDPs by means of Molecular Dynamics and investigate how interaction promiscuity may arise as a result of multiple conformations possible for IDPs and how missense mutations may affect some of these conformations.

We have also been involved in the two collaborative works. First project was involved in the identification of isologous and heterologous interfaces of the RnaseE of E.coli and suggested some of the residues for site directed mutation, which were suspected to involved in dimer stabilization.

The second collaboration work was involved in the study of structural effects of missense mutations of GALNS that cause mucopolysaccharidosis IVA.

  1. Abdul Mueed Bidchol, Ashwin Dalal, Hitesh Shah, Suryanarayana S, Sheela Nampoothiri, Madhulika Kabra, Neerja Gupta, Sumita Danda, Kalpana Gowrishankar, Shubha R Phadke, Seema Kapoor, Mahesh Kamate, IC Verma, Ratna Dua Puri, VH Sankar, A Radha Rama Devi, SJ Patil, Prajnya Ranganath, S Jamal Md Nurul Jain, Meenal Agarwal, Ankur Singh, Pallavi Mishra, Parag M Tamhankar, Puthiya Mundyat Gopinath, Nagarajaram HA, Kapaettu Satyamoorthy, Katta Mohan Girisha (2014) GALNS Mutations in Indian Patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis IVA Am J Med Genet Part A 164A:2793–2801
Conferences / Workshops Attended
  1. Attended two days Workshop on Network Biology during 30th-31st March, 2012 at IHBT, Palampur(HP), India.

  2. International Conference on Biomolecular Simulations and Dynamics during 28th-30th November, 2013 at IIT Madras, Chennai, India.

  3. Two days GARUDA boot camp on 21st-22nd January, 2014 at Knowlodge Park, C-DAC, Bangalore, India.

Contact Information
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