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Dr. Abhijit A Sardesai


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Research Publications

Publications of Dr. Abhijit A Sardesai

Research Publications

  1. Gupta AK, Singh K, Patidar Y, Sharma R, Sardesai AA, Reddy G, Gopal B. (2023) Allosteric Determinants in High Temperature Requirement A Enzymes Are Conserved and Regulate the Population of Active Conformations. ACS Chem Biol. 2023 Jun 15. doi: 10.1021/acschembio.2c00921.

  2. Dubey S, Majumder P, Penmatsa A, Sardesai AA. (2021) Topological analyses of the L-lysine exporter LysO reveal a critical role for a conserved pair of intramembrane solvent-exposed acidic residues. J. Biol. Chem. 4;297(4):101168.

  3. Pathania A, Gupta A, Dubey S, Gopal B, Sardesai AA. (2016) The topology of the L-arginine exporter ArgO conforms to an Nin-Cout configuration in Escherichia coli: Requirement for the cytoplasmic N-terminal domain, functional helical interactions and an aspartate pair for ArgO function. J. Bacteriol. 198(23):3186-3199.

  4. Sharma R, Shimada T, MishraVK, Upreti S, Sardesai AA (2016). Growth inhibition by external potassium of Escherichia coli lacking PtsN (EIIANtr) is caused by potassium limitation mediated by YcgO. J. Bacteriol. 198: 1868-1882.

  5. Pathania A, Sardesai AA (2015). Distinct paths for basic acid export in Escherichia coli:YbjE(LysO) meidates export of L-lysine. J. Bacteriol. 197:2036-2047.

  6. Phulera S, Akif M, Sardesai AA and Mande SC (2014). Redox Proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of the Indian Institute of Science 94:127-137.

  7. Sarkar P, Sardesai AA, Murakami KS and Chatterji D (2013). Inactivation of the bacterial RNA polymerase due to acquisition of secondary structure by the ω subunit. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288:25076-25087.

  8. Kumar S., Sardesai A A., Basu D., Muniyappa K and Hasnain S E. (2010) DNA clasping by Mycobacterial HU: The C-terminal region of HupB mediates increased specificity of DNA binding. PLoS One. 5 (9), art. no. e12551, pp. 1-10

  9. Sabareesh V., Sarkar P., Sardesai A A and Chatterji D. (2010) Identifying N60D mutation in ω subunit of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase by bottom-up proteomic approach. Analyst. 135(10):2723-9.

  10. Kumar, C.M.S., Khare, G., Srikanth, C. V., Tyagi A. K., Sardesai A. A and Mande S. C. (2009) Facilitated oligomerization of mycobacterial GroEL: evidence for phosphorylation-mediated oligomerization. J. Bacteriol. 191 6525-38.
  11. Dutta, D., Bandyopadhyay, K,. Datta, A.B., Sardesai, A.A. and Parrack, P. (2009) Properties of HflX, an enigmatic protein from Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 191:2307-14.

  12. Kumar, S., Balakrishna, K., Agarwal, G. S., Merwyn, S., Rai G. P., Batra H.V., Sardesai, A. A and Gowrishankar. J. (2008) Th1 type of immune response to infection by pYV cured phoP-phoQ null mutant of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis is defective in mouse model. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 95: 91-100.

  13. Akif, M., Khare, G., Tyagi, A.K., Mande S.C., and Sardesai A. A. (2008) Functional studies of multiple thioredoxins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J. Bacteriol. 190:7087-7095.

  14. Prakash, P., Aruna,B., Sardesai, A. A., and Hasnain S.E. (2005) Purified recombinant hypothetical protein coded by ORF Rv1885c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis exhibits a monofunctional AroQ class of periplasmic chorismate mutase activity. J. Biol. Chem. 280(20):19641-8.

  15. Sardesai, A. A., Genevaux, P., Schwager, F., Ang, D., and Georgopoulos, C. (2003) The OmpL porin does not modulate redox potential in the periplasmic space of Escherichia coli. EMBO J. 22:1461-1466.

  16. Sardesai, A. A., and J. Gowrishankar. (2001) Improvement in K+-limited growth rate associated with expression of the N-terminal fragment of one subunit (KdpA) of the multi-subunit Kdp transporter in Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 183:3515-3520.

  17. Sardesai, A. A., and J. Gowrishankar. (2001) trans-Acting mutations in loci other than kdpDE that affect kdp operon regulation in Escherichia coli: effects of cytoplasmic thiol oxidation status and nucleoid protein H-NS on kdp expression. J. Bacteriol. 183:86-93.

Other Publications

  1. Sardesai, A. A. Book review of the Annual Review of Microbiology, 2007. L. Nicholas Ornston, Susan Gottesman and Caroline S. Harwood (eds). Current Science, 95:1355-1356.

  2. Sardesai, A. A.* and J.Gowrishankar*. 2008. Joshua Lederberg- a remembrance. J. Genetics 87: 311-313. (* AAS and JG are joint corresponding authors)

  3. Sardesai, A. A. and J. Gowrishankar. Chapter on "Genetic exchange: DNA transfer mechanisms in bacteria", published in the e-book on Microbial Genetics in the discipline of microbiology for National Science Digital Library project of National Institute of Science Communication & Informational Resources (NISCAIR), CSIR.
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