"Life Sciences and Careers"

Dr Smita Jain
Associate Director

17 August, 2018
11:30 AM

at CDFD Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor,
Lab Building.

Science education provides us not only with information but it instills in us, a scientific temperament that allows one to question and understand a given concept/situation with logical reasoning. It equips a person with lots of life skills. With these qualities in hand, one becomes ready to face the real professional world. And thats when the big question comes - what do I want to do in life? It has been a norm world over that after graduating with a degree in Science, one follows the path of scientific research and becomes a scientist working in the lab, trying to solve a research question to eventually become an independent researcher making discoveries. However, times has come when we start looking at the bigger picture and understand that not everyone with a "degree in science" needs to become an independent researcher. With the qualities that one earns during the formative years, one can achieve many things in different areas, if one applies the knowledge and skills in the right way. Today, there are large number of avenues that have opened up for science graduates where one can pursue his/her dream and interests and succeed. All you need to do is to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and an open mind to look for these avenues. It requires some courage and boldness to change tracks from a traditional, well traveled path to a path that is not yet well explored and known, but the joy in traversing that path with success is always much more.